History of Photography

These two authors provide insightful articles for understanding the contextual background within which photography operates to construct notions of gender.

Duganne, Erina, et al. Global Photography: a Critical History / Erina Duganne, Heather Diack, Terri Weissman. London; New York: Routledge, 2020.

Teju Cole, On Photography – A monthly column in the New York Times Magazine, between 2015 and 2019.

See particularly:

  • On Measuring the Body
    Global Photography, Chapter 3: Measuring the Body, pp. 57-79
    Teju Cole, “Photography has the power to record and reveal the world; but not all things can be recorded or should be revealed.”, pp. 14-17
  • On Mapping the Land
    Global Photography, Chapter 4, pp. 83-107
    Teju Cole, “For more than four decades Robert Adams’s landscape photographs have reminded us of what has been ruined in America…”pp. 16-20
  • On Politics of Representation
    Global Photography, Chapter 5, pp. 113-132
    Teju Cole, “What is dark is not empty; if you know how to see, there are glories in the shadows”, pp 62-70
  • On Museum
    Global Photography, Chapter 9, pp. 209-230
    Teju Cole, “Faced with a torrent of digital photographs, some artists have become collectors — remixing other people’s pictures into new images invested with new meaning”, pp. 20-23
  • On Archives
    Global Photography, Chapter 9, pp. 209-231
    Teju Cole, “Family Photographs are Precious Repositories of Intimacy”, pp. 26-29